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2 definitions by pink is the new black

A sweet, kickass messenger bag with a seatbelt buckle to hold it that was originally used by bike messengers and soon developed into a very hipster thing to own. Usually one person will have one and over time db friends will steal the idea and call it theirs.
You: OMG!! Have you seen that db at our school? When the fuck did he get a Chrome Bag? I had it first. Such a damn hipster.

Friend: Dude. You stole it from that kid you used to chill with. Doesn't that make you as worse as him?
You: Nope! Cause I had it first here. I'm going to beat his ass!
by pink is the new black October 23, 2010
A person on a social networking website (i.e. facebook, myspace) who adds good looking women, or men, and has no profile picture or information, but chats with you.
Dude, look at this random chick that added me. She has such a pedo profile going on, but let me see what she wants.
by pink is the new black October 19, 2010