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a girl you care a lot about, she's more than just your girl.
thats my wifey... so BACK UP
by pink July 29, 2003
In the standard system of baseball/sexual metaphor (see first base, second base, home run), fondling the breasts and/or buttocks of one's partner.
I would have reached second base if his parents hadn't walked in.
by Pink January 30, 2004
love is a beautiful thing, made to share.
How sad it must be not to feel it.

Shani - feels love and shares the feeling.
Shani - inspiring, full of love.
by pink October 29, 2004
A general term for trail mix. Possibly an acronym for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts," though there is much room for debate.
"Hey, pass the gorp! I'm starving over here!"
by Pink January 30, 2004
The female genetalia.
"Well, when I get those jellyroll blues/ Why, I'd go and get any thing in this world for you..."

--The Grateful Dead, Dupree's Diamond Blues
by Pink January 30, 2004
To die, espescially in combat; most likely from the idea that a dead soldier's death benifit would serve to pay off his family's morgtage. Often shortened to "bought it."
Chuck Lindberg later recalled the hazards of lugging a tank that carried seventy-two pounds of... napalm... under twelve hundred pounds of pressure... "It was dangerous work. A lot of guys bought the farm trying that."

--James Bradley, in Flags of our Fathers
by Pink January 30, 2004
A gay man, generally who prefers the "recieving" end in anal sex. A "bottom."
I hear that Phillip is a pillow-biter
by Pink January 30, 2004
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