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Literally means digging the mud.
A racist term referring to Malays.
Look at that giao tor. He think he is very cool by wearing baggy jeans. What the heck!?
by pin March 03, 2005
a person so close to recycling themselves - shoving their head up their own ass- that they wear their ass as a hat.
That guy is a serious asshat!
by Pin January 04, 2005
common term for the female genitals, or a term used to describe the appearence of a female
"thats some pretty shitty schnitty" or "that schnitty is the shiz"
by pin November 06, 2003
abreviation of the word schnitty.if something is very good or the best it is "the shiz"
"thats the shiz" "schnitty is the shiz"
by pin November 06, 2003
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