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High School math teacher....most commonly found in richlands va... latin- Debbordiuous Maximuss Jmamius. favors all that is classic rock and classic metal. most perferd.. megadeth. hate all that is social. you can find him in his natural habbitat ..RHS.
James Debord...love him some megadeth
by pimp matsta nig December 15, 2007
Home of the bull dogs..(gay) i mean how many times have you been beaten by richlands football? last time was like 62-0? gayyyy.... talk so much shit about richlands though..you like 12 miles away from us...of you cant forget your best area....shake rag? word. oh... gayyyyy!
tazewell....richlands asshole...and bitch.
by pimp matsta nig December 16, 2007

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