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Seventh, Eighth, or Nineth graders who are under 5 feet tall and then try to act ghetto, cool, or tough and everyone, includeing themselves know that they most defently are not, and they act this way because they are either about to enter high school, or they are just entering high school.
jits get there asses kicked because they are fucking pathetic ass losers.
by pimp daddy dollars February 16, 2005
a puppet on Sesame Street who sounds like the faggot ass wannabe rapper named ja rule
ja rule sounds like the cookie monster
by pimp daddy dollars January 10, 2005
an evil team that beats the florida marlins most of the time, but next year will be different
damned braves beat the marlins again, i hope bobby cox chokes on a preatsel like george bush did.
by pimp daddy dollars October 12, 2004
a incubus is a nightmare, and in mid- evil times or gothic times, ppl went crazy becuz they thought da devil was goin into them and poison or eat thur brains.
incubus, 2 definitons which are, a sucky band and a nightmare
by pimp daddy dollars September 18, 2004
a persons nipples which feel so damn nice and soft, the middle if the nipple is the babies center which is the hardest and most sensitive part the outer regoin is gentle and ncie to rub like the rubbing of a baby or its butt ox whixh is very soft also
Oh come on gil, let me get those babies, oh oh, oh wait...ooooooh yeahhhh theyre so soft and tender, I gotta be gentle with them. Oh yeah, one more time, let me squeeze those babies. Omg gil wat is that huge hair on ur baby.
by pimp daddy dollars May 27, 2005
1 of da greatest rappers alive and is major P-I-M-P because he is tapping beyonce(aka a fine ass female)and whoever doesnt think jay-z is raw as fuk is a cock sucking bitch and more retarded then george w bush and is a fucking fag.
person 1: jay-z is raw as fuk
person 2: ya, and hes tapping beyonce a fine ass female
by pimp daddy dollars August 24, 2004
a way to get into a girls pants.
man: i love you
man: heh heh heh, works every time
by pimp daddy dollars January 28, 2005

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