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a bannana spilt is when a man and woman are having sex and the gurl does a split (spliting her legs open and as far as dey can go open and lies down) on the mans or his "bannana"
omg man, last night crystal did a nasty bannan split.
by pimp daddy dollars September 16, 2004
one cigarette, a single cigarette
hey man, u got a stick?
by pimp daddy dollars October 13, 2004
see george bush or the president of the united states
george bush is a fucking redneck
by pimp daddy dollars March 02, 2005
a diet soda drink with half the carbs and sugars then regular cola, but tastes like the slime outta da bottom of a pond and is so disgusting not even a dehrydrated person would drink it and would kick your ass 4 even thinking of giving dat watery shit 2 drink
person 1: (gasp) omg!!! give me sumthin 2 drink or I'll gonna die from dyhrydration!
person 2: all i got is pepsi edge
person 1: o HELLS no, now im gonna beat ur ass untill ur bloody as hell! at least blood tastes betta den pepsi edge.
by pimp daddy dollars August 31, 2004
OK, for all of those people out there who think that game is a member of G-UNIT, that is not true. The Game is not, and I repeat, IS NOT part of G-UNIT, (the members of G-Unit are 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Olivia) he is signed to Shady AfterMath not to G-UNIT, Dr.Dre and eminem put 50 cent and The Game together so that The Game could devoloup as an artist. And because of this, everyone assumed that The Game was signed to G-Unit, but let me repeat it one more time incase everyone out there isnt clear about this, THE GAME WAS NEVER IN G-UNIT, HE IS SIGNED TO SHADY AFTERMATH, NOT TO G-UNIT.
to everyone who thinks the game is in g-unit, YOU ARE WRONG, HE IS IN SHADY AFTERMATH.
by pimp daddy dollars March 19, 2005
short for a new haircut.
damn jeff, you just got a fresh new cut
by pimp daddy dollars February 09, 2005
when a guy is or turns gay
after dena dumped gil, he started to be man crazy
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004

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