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A ugly ass lady who won the third season of American Idol, but she has NO talent what so ever and looks like a man with her short ass hair is uglier then a monkey who got hit in the face by a train, has big ass lips which look like two sausages glued to her face, and when she sings she sounds like a cat in a washing machine.
Fantasia Barrino sucks music wise, is ugly as hell, didnt deserve to win american idol and if you hear her name for the first time it sounds like fantastic barrito
by pimp daddy dollars March 06, 2005
big butt is a girl with a big ass
sarah mendez is also known as big butt by her boyfriend sexy man gil
by pimp daddy dollars March 02, 2005
a stupid ass activity that claims that it will help you pass all of your classes if you do it, but it really takes away your nights and weekends. but its all good because my teachers harly ever assign it to me.
homework sucks and there is no point in doing it
by pimp daddy dollars January 14, 2005
a term for when something is out of control or extremely cool.
Kenneth:Have you heard 50 cent's new cd, the massacre?
Me: Ya man that shit was bananas!!!
by pimp daddy dollars March 08, 2005
Something you say either to a girl/guy, or randomly out loud in a group of people while closing your eyes, sucking air threw your teeth, moaning, and rubbing your nipples.
Math teacher: So if we take the square root of 23 we get....
Me: SEX ME UP!!!! (moans while rubbing my nipples)
by pimp daddy dollars April 09, 2005
Something you say when you are about to fuck a girl or a guy.
Hey Sarah. Gil says his gonna SEX YOU UP.
by pimp daddy dollars March 28, 2005
Like the term dog, but in Old School slang (bascially it means your friends.)
Ok cats, lets rumble!
by pimp daddy dollars March 07, 2005

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