68 definitions by pimp daddy dollars

a tower in paris france
da eiffel tower is big
by pimp daddy dollars September 20, 2004
when you are a pimp and your bitches are starting to get out of control by talking back at their pimp and not earing enough money or stealing your money so you jerk off a lot to "keep your pimp hand strong" and that way you have a strong hand and you also teach then=m not to fuck with you in a bad way
my hoes arent behaveing nicely so i will rent some porn movies to "keep my pimp hand strong" and teach the bad hoes whose the pimp around here
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
a gangsta rapper from da best place in da U.S.A (besides NEW YORK) Miami (305)
Pit bull has nasty hooks and str8 ass songs
by pimp daddy dollars October 14, 2004
Stupid ass druggie who killed himself. Who had a ugly ass wife, and an even uglier kid.
a fucking worthless ass drug addict who killed himself, and everyone thinks that his wife did it.
by pimp daddy dollars January 24, 2005
when you jump out in front of some one, totally surpriseing them and forceing them to have sex with you.
Remember kids, its not rape, its surprise sex!
by pimp daddy dollars February 10, 2005

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