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a place where mainly black people go, but the kfc man is white. is that a oxymoron?
kfc kicks ass and tastes good as hell
by pimp daddy dollars January 21, 2005
when someone thinks everybody is out to get him/her and/or thinks everyone is raceist towards him/her.
burger king guy: Here is your whopper with cheese.
Kanye west: OMFG!!! You forgot to put onions on my burger! Your raceist!!!
by pimp daddy dollars February 27, 2005
when you, or an object looks very nice and attractive.
After I put on my suit, I thought to myself, "I look so fucking sharp, I could cut someone"
by pimp daddy dollars February 09, 2005
austin powers is summed up to only one word.
austin powers is the biggest pimp of them all
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
when some is being a jerk towards you for no apparent reason.
Why you be drinking hatorade dawg?
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
when a man is wearing very nice clothes, or the latest fashions (pimp clothes)and is matching perfectly.
o shit son, look at dat white boy all decked out and shit nigga
by pimp daddy dollars August 22, 2004
big butt is a girl with a big ass
sarah mendez is also known as big butt by her boyfriend sexy man gil
by pimp daddy dollars March 02, 2005

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