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Someone or something that possesses a laid back, hippie-esque quality.

A relaxed atmosphere, state or setting.
I was straight chillin' in a stoney hash bar in Amsterdam when I thought to myself, "I need a blumpy"
by Pimp Daddy July 14, 2003
While you are slammin your chick in the ass, pull out and titty fuck her.
She will soon be left with a brown neck tie.
Last night I was packin my girls fudge, when I decided to fuck her titties. The shit in between her tits looked like a brown neck tie.
by Pimp Daddy May 14, 2003
In other words "Starvin'"--HUNGRY!
Are you hungry?
Yea I'm Lee Marvin!
by Pimp Daddy December 08, 2003
It is the last name of the coolest person in the world. I love Mike.
Mike Zottola kicks serious ass
by Pimp Daddy June 10, 2004
The chick you are currently stabin is your goobin. A bin for your goo, if you will.
I am going to take this goobin home and fill her with goo.
by Pimp Daddy May 14, 2003
When you grab someones balls who is sleeping or maybe stoned or blitzed out of there skull.
Dude im gonna so french nutcracker you when you fall asleep!
by Pimp Daddy January 08, 2005
1. One who will do anything to cling to someone, fails at any attempt to get their OWN life and does not know how to take a hint went someone else is not interested!

2. Someone who has sex for crack.
This guy is such a crack whore when he hangs out with Sherry!
by pimp daddy December 30, 2004

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