68 definitions by pimp daddy dollars

when a guy is or turns gay
after dena dumped gil, he started to be man crazy
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
when ur HOT ass teacher wants u 2 stay after skool so she can fuck u
2 days ago mrs.rydalch was wearing skin tight jeans, a thong, and a lil t-shirt dat had her boobs poppin out, and she tol me 2 stay afta skool 4 sum "extra credit"
by pimp daddy dollars November 06, 2004
a slang term for your house
in my skool everyone either saz, house, crib, or casa, while im prob the only one who saz den
by pimp daddy dollars January 13, 2005
an insult dat u call sumbody when dey r a pussy, faggot, backstabber, liar, etc. the term cockroach was made famous by Al Pacino or tony montana in the movie "scarface"
hey mang, i dont like no fukin backstabber, if i met a backstabber on the street, i'll fukin bury those cockroachs!!!!!!
by pimp daddy dollars November 06, 2004
a big fish that lives in the sea and is often caught by fishermen 4 food
a marlin is a big fish
by pimp daddy dollars October 26, 2004
when a man who is a pimp gets all his females and macks with them in front of everybody
OOOOOOOOO!!!! Doug da pimp is keeping his pimp leg shakeing
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
The mean for the word "crack the nuts" is when u stick ur ball sack into a gurls mouth and she swallows ur sack. (much like the act of tea bagging)
when my gurlfriends parents were out of town, i went to her house and she cracked my nuts
by pimp daddy dollars August 08, 2004
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