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2 definitions by pilz-09

A word used to describe the utter annoyance you have with a person.
A little bit more creative and less vulgar than other words of the same meaning. E.g. dickhead, fuckwit etc.
The word can also be used to describe how you feel about someone, comparing them to the sweaty ballsack of a larger gentleman.
guy 1: (after winning a game on his xbox) haha i beat you, you suck. (continues to gloat an hour later)
guy2: dude, stop being such a scroatbag.
by pilz-09 May 09, 2009
Like bumbaclut but for those of a larger physical nature.
So it is essentially calling someone a fat shit rag.
Did you see that fat dude at the party last night? what a bubbaclut.
by pilz-09 May 09, 2009