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Means "creepy" in German.
Der Mann ist sehr krepisch! Ja, ich weiss.
by pigskin072 June 29, 2008
Another way of saying: Evening. Because the evening is the time in which the moon is young. Therefore, like how the morning is the young time of the day, the evening can be consdered the moon's personal morning.
Well hello there patrick. How are you doing on this fine Moonmorn?
by pigskin072 December 10, 2008
A small animal that looks similar to a miniature jolly green giant. it lives in the woods in trees. They are used for game hunting. They only eat sprouts, so if you find a bunch of sprouts on the ground look for a GOON! But be careful cuz their only allies are other goons, spicolis, and GINGERS! Led by Onaga (AKA Patty Dabber)Goons are also used to run plays to NFL quarterbacks during games. AND THEY DONT LIVE IN HOLES!
OMG! Did you see the size of that GOON?!?!?
by pigskin072 January 16, 2008
Spicolis are a mutation of the goon family. They eat little children and can be recognized by the odor coming from their rectums. They can be found hiding in holes, backpacks, schoolyards, and mating with teenage girls! They love women long time in China! because they are big....er than goons and chineses people and Darnell. And they help find leprechauns in wrestling rooms (Darnell & Patty Dabber).
OMG! That spicoli's raping that teenage, asian girl and eating a leprechaun at the same time.
by pigskin072 January 16, 2008

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