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A flight simulator, developed in October of 2006.

Eats alot of computer resources, needs powerful computer to run.
Guy: Hey, I just got Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I can fly military planes and stuff!
Person: Cool. Whats your FPS?
Guy: Eh.....12...
by pieguy124 March 30, 2009
When someone is in an "Oh Shit!" situation and craps out his/her poo.
1: Crap this plane's gonna crash!
Pilot: We goin down!
1: *auto poo*
by pieguy124 March 30, 2009
A person who cannot stop watching videos on youtube and posts comments, video responses, rates, uploads, all that stuff possible on youtube all day long.
1: Guess what? I uploaded 30 videos to youtube today. They are so awesome!
2: What else have you been doing besides uploading vids?
1: Commenting, rating, video responses!@!@!@!@!@@!
2: You're glued to the youtube
by pieguy124 March 29, 2009
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