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a common term using in gambling whereas a person has lost so much in gambling that his is forced to wear a barrel.

a term to describe a person is broke due to excessive compulsive gambling.

term is can be used in a comical or a derogatory way to describe a degenerate gambler.

term is originated by jjgold on sbrforum. a power poster at a gambling forum.
Tony was way over his head betting his entire bankroll on the Celtics, now he is barreled in.

Pat keep chasing with favorites, now he is barreled in.
#gambling #forum #broke #degenerate #lost
by picoman March 30, 2009
Slang term for Hong Kong people.

Hongkee is a variation of Honkee.
There are so many Honkees in Shanghai doing business.
#hongkee #hong kong person #slang #asian #junhanese
by picoman March 30, 2009
gambling term where a punter does a parlay with 2 or more huge favorites.
Pat is going all in with a 2 teamer Louisville -300 and UNC -300 chalk parlay.
#chalk #parlay #favorites #moneyline #gambler
by picoman March 30, 2009
A term to describe a bet that is virtually guaranteed winner, but in reality it is just a coin flip.

The term is a modification of the term, lock, which is used to describe a guaranteed winner in sports betting.

The use of this term is introduced by a poster, Richkas, who use the term to gain attention for his sports gambling picks. Due to the fact that his mortal locks are no better than a coin flip, the term is usually used as a comical modifier for sports gambling picks.

There are several variations of the term lock. Some popular variations are, Sicilian Lock, bet your mother's house lock, and $$$mortal lock$$$.

St. Louis Cardinals is a mortal lock.

Bet the blues, it is a mortal lock.
#richkas #gambling #lock #winner #coin flip
by picoman March 31, 2009
A slang term used to describe a sports gambler who failed at becoming a professional sports gambler.

A person who did not maker it usually think gambling is easy. The person usually have bad money management skill, follows a system, bet with intuition, bet into bad lines, doesn't understand the concept that anything can happens in a sports game, and/or lost ambition to become a professional gambler.

The term is originally introduced by a Canadian poster, fiveteamer, who also made a list of sports gambler that did not make it on an online sports gambling forum.
Pat just lost his entire bankroll at a chalk parlay, he did not make it.

Pico decided to quit gambling, he did not make it.
#gambler #sports gambling #forum #professional gambler #failed
by picoman March 31, 2009
a slang term to describe a successful professional sports gambler.

a person who made it usually have vast knowledge of the sports he bets on; look for the best odds among the sports books and have excellent money management skills.

The term was introduced by a Canadian poster, fiveteamer, who also made a list of successful professional sports gambler on online gambling forum.
Justin is a pro, so he definitely made it.
#sports #gambling #forum #professional #successful
by picoman March 31, 2009
a poster that can post around the clock at multiple online forums.

a power poster usually is getting paid by the forum owners or they just simply love to post.

some "successful" power posters became professional posters.
I can make 30 posts at 10 different forum while watching Shaq missing three consecutive free throws, I am a power poster.
#professional posting #forum #gambling #paid poster #online
by picoman April 01, 2009
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