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the greatest country music singer of all time. He was so great, that he even appeared on MTV's "The Buried Life" along side his manager Pipe Wilson and popular Mexican singer Paddagonia.
Boone McCaw is the BEST country music singer of ALL TIME!
by pickywick21 January 07, 2012
past tense form of shit
Person 1: "Last night I shat at my girlfriend's house."
Person 2: "Nice!!! How big was it?!"
Person 1: "Bigger than the average poop, it hurt a little, but not quite as much as being sanduskitized
by pickywick21 November 19, 2011
goin' braless!

for a female to not wear a bra (see free boobin' )
Brooke: Megan, are your wearing a bra?

Megan: naww. I'm going free burden. It makes me feel more wild and natural. Plus, the breeze over my tits is great.

Brooke: Why did I even ask?
by pickywick21 January 05, 2012
One who smokes marijuana through a bong. Much like king kong, except referring to their habit of smoking marijuana through a bong rather than a joint or eating a pot brownie
Person 1: "Where is Jon today?"
Person 2: "Oh, you mean bong kong? He is at his house getting stoned."
Person 1: "Figures. That guy is always smoking weed."
by pickywick21 November 19, 2011

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