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A sure fire way to induce labor according to regular posters from a Babycenter.com birth board (December 2010 Expecting Mothers)

After several IDIOTIC posts on the birth board about how to get the baby out earlier than they were due, the members of the birth board started making up ways to induce an early labor including: Pineapple Juice Douching, Castor Oil/Castrol Motor Oil Drinking, Plungers, Wire Hangers, Crochet Hooks, Black Licorice, Balsamic Vinaigrettes, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Evening Primrose Oil, and various other forms.

This birth board is known in the Babycenter.com community to be especially snarky with posters who cannot spell, ask stupid questions and post inane comments such as "I had my baby threw my virgina and I dint kno I wuz pregnate"

Also, they suggest you don't go in water to your waist, your baby might drown while you are pregnate.
If you are 34 weeks and want to induce, try a Pineapple Douche and then make sure you shove a couple crochet hooks up your virgina to get the baby throwd out.
by picklesandicecreamplease December 08, 2010

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