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Women who go to the club with short skirts on,but they don't wear any panties. They proceed to dance around,their privates starts watering,because the get turned on by the dudes dancing up on them. The panty dripper go to sit down on a plastic chair,but once she gets up the chair is full of slime. Eww !
Betty: "This dance floor is so damn slippery."
Pookie: "Sorry Girl, I just did a split."
Betty: I knew you were a panty dripper
by picklebaby February 22, 2012
A person who don't wash his or her ass before getting on a public bus. The smell gets into people's windpipes,and they start gagging for air. A customer pulls the rope for the bus to stop,and then they get off 20 miles before their normal stop.
Bus driver, stop this damn bus ! There is a bus stopper on this bitch ! I will walk the rest of the way,because that chick (stank)!!
by picklebaby February 22, 2012
Girls in the hood who wear scarves on their heads outside the house. They will wear them to church, to work, and even to a funeral. Don't ask them why they have the scarves on eveyday,because they will put a cap in your ass.
Kendra wears that greasy scarf every damn day,so she must be a ghetto pirate. ( wrap )
by picklebaby February 22, 2012

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