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Pronounced (dewey bars) These are the up-turned handlebars (as opposed to the drops) of a ten-speed bike favored by people who can no longer drive a car due to too many DUI's.
Dude, did you see Snag go by on that ten-speed with DUI bars? He finally must have got his license revoked. Eisenhower was president the last time I saw him sober.
#drunks #bikes #dui #alcoholism #losers #barfly #beer
by piankeshaw June 02, 2008
The attitude of Linux users who believe that Microsoft is the work of the devil and that Bill Gates is the anti-Christ who lives in a dark castle above the thunderclouds guarded by evil winged monkeys.

Microsoft is a closed society of evil-doers who don't believe in sharing. They want to crush any attempts to download free music or DVD's and make everyone pay for their crappy operating systems that are riddled with errors and security flaws. Their eventual goal is to close down libraries because that is a form of piracy in their closed mind-set. As opposed to open-source.
"Vista girked on me, so I switched to Ubuntu and now I'm as anti-microsoft as the next Linux geek."
#ubuntu #ubuntite #girk #nerd #geek #ubuntero #open-source
by piankeshaw May 29, 2008
An aficionado of the Linux operating system Ubuntu; especially an individual who converts others to using Ubuntu. Most Ubuntites believe that Bill Gates is the anti-Christ and live in a dark castle in the thunderclouds, guarded by evil winged monkeys. Most Ubuntites get a hard-on when taking about terminal commands and new distros.
"Dan is such an Ubuntite! He pressured me into using Ubuntu and now my friggin' printer doesn't work and I feel like such a 'tard!!"
#aficionado #rabid #ubuntero #zealot #anti-microsoft #nerd
by piankeshaw May 28, 2008
An affirmation. To testify to a fact. To give approval. Validate the statement of another.
Dan: You-know-who is so snarky. I can't stand her.
Brent: Kroger!
#affirmation #testify #approval #validate #prove
by piankeshaw May 04, 2009
The fleshy underbutt of an overweight woman that is not butt and is not thigh. A greasy,cellulite riddled mass that needs to be hidden.
" The first time I met Joyce she was bent over in these Mickey Mouse shorts with all her jib exposed. My dick turtled back inside me. "
#underbutt #cellulite #fatass #overweight #nasty #turtled
by piankeshaw June 02, 2008
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