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3 definitions by phynomonouse

1 the best video game ever at the moment it was created by bungie and published by microsoft

2 a floaty ring around an angels head in cartoons and movies
example 1 HALO is the best game ever

example 2 halos around angels heads look stupid
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
a word used instead of "crap" most people say this if they do not curse so instead they use crud which sounds very similar yet some people who curse say crud anyway. crud can mean poop, sludge, slime, or pretty much anything goopy or sludgy.
aw crud
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
a drink that most fat people drink after a big meal and think it will help them lose weight and the drink tastes like crud yet many people like it and it was proven quite a while ago that if you drink to much it slowly dissolves brain cells though for some reason diet comes in more flavors than regular pepsi.
diet pepsi is for fat retards no offence
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009