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Fooling is the art of performing sexual deeds > (greater than) a date/kiss/makeout but < (less than) performing sexual intercourse whether its vaginal or anal. The king of fooling is Fool-Her himself. Some think of Fool-Her as a god, a role-model or even a legend. There is a point system, and whenever you fool someone you gain (or lose) points depending on the physical appearance of the person.
scenerio 1:
*Matt starts fooling female by a BJ/footjob/reverse titty fuck etc*
justin: did you fool her yet?
matt: yes, i am the fool-her. end of question.
by phreshboyasia December 29, 2010
the act of performing manual stimulation of one partner's penis by another partner's hand, whether female or male, sometimes to the point of orgasm and ejaculation. BUT in this scenario, there exists a barricade of denim material between the hand of one parter, and the penis of the other. Jean Jobs work best while NOT wearing skinny jeans. Losing jeans allow more "jerking" and "groping" of the penis. Jean Job's are usually an alternative to the regular hand job due to the one partner not willing to caress and embrace the penis, or if in public and the action must be very unnoticeable. There are some rare cases where the jean job is just a foreplay before actually getting handjob/blowjob/footjob etc. but it ends up being all the male partner gets due to some random girl slamming on the door because she likes the person receiving the erotic adventures on his penis and does not want any further activities of such actions happening on him anymore.
Scenerio 1:
*kids in class*
Evan: give me a jean job under the desk
Nicole: wtf? no. you used to tell me i was so cute and stuff but now that you figured out i wont suck your d, so you stopped talking to me, so i will NOT give you a jean job
Evan: fuck!

Scenerio 2
*Ben and Monica begin to makeout and monica attempts to give jean job. Ben kind of likes it*
*girls starts slamming on door*
Ben: can we keep going?
Monica: no we should go
Ben: fuck!
by phreshboyasia January 01, 2011

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