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It's the name of an urban comic released in Toronto (June 2010). It's written by Shaun D. Bolden and Illustrated by Dino Diaz.

The story is centered on Randolf Ethelwood (aka Beanpie), an unemployed young black male. He lives in a brownstone apartment in the suburb of Connecticut with his girlfriend Lisa and younger brother James (Tailgate). With the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, it is his belief that he can provide for his loved ones by means of invention. A college dropout, with a love for chemistry, he hopes to invent something that will deliver a big pay off. What starts off as a comical, light hearted, series of daily mishaps; develops into a story of substance, where we begin to root for his success. His friends and family provoke, and taunt him, but with every failed invention, he finds the strength within to follow his dream.

Beanpie's struggle is the ultimate struggle of pursuing one's passion. It's about perseverance, integrity, and richness of character. It teaches us that the only limits in life are the ones that we imagine.
I am Beanpie!

You've got to get that Beanpie Comic, it's off da chain!!
by photograbber September 25, 2010
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