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No limit boys is a gang that started in Saint Paul MN in the late 90's to early 2000's. There leader is a Vietnamese guy from mcdonough projects. Use to run AMC (Asian mafia crip) with his right arm. A Cambodian guy. The two later started NL. They are made mostly of vietnamese and a few Cambodians. Most hated gang in MN. Every gang goes against them and click up with others to take them out. There known to cause drama everywhere they go. NL is a small gang compared to other gangs in MN. They don't claim to be a gang but a family. There activities are unknow due to how the gang likes to keep out of the publics eye. Rumors says they been responsible for drive by shootings and mostly putting there rivals in comas. They say death is too easy. There rivals mainly includes majority of Vietnamese gangs like Minneapolis boys and Vietnamese crazy boys. They also don't get along with Laos boys and tiny rascal gang.
No limit boys
by phong vo March 20, 2013

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