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Condescending geek speak for suggesting that your power cord is unplugged. Used to make people with social lives to feel as though they've been bested by a being whose diet consists primarily of Cheetos and Mountain Dew.
User: My computer won't turn on.

IT Guy: Perhaps it's a PEBKAC error, or your AC cable may be experiencing atmospheric impedance.

User: Atmos...? Ooooh! Heh, very clever. I'll have to share that one with my hot girlfriend.

IT Guy: I'm so lonely.
by phishtails April 29, 2010
Marrying a person because of an unplanned pregnancy that the couple chooses to keep clandestine -- a miracle (yet unusually big) premature birth to be celebrated seven months later.
Wedding guest #1: "Can you believe that Gina is marrying that loser? They have nothing in common!"

Wedding guest #2: "Shhh ... word is that they're planning a premie right away!"
by phishtails September 11, 2009

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