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these cute things that are a 2006 revival of eighties fashion.
those be some cooool leggings.
by philphleira nachitaki September 29, 2006
girls who listen to crappy pop-"punk" bands that neednt be named. they usually have stringy nasty hair and wear a lot of greasy $0.50 eyeliner. they are usually fat on top and have skinny fish stick legs. have difficulty finding correctly- sized jeans. calls everyone they see a poser. everyone hates them.
p.r. girl 1: "omg, like we're so punk rawk."
p.r. girl 2: "yeeaaah, i know. omigosh look at those posers!"
cool kid 1: "ew, if they hate posers so much no wonder they cut themselves. they hate themselves!"
cool kid 2: " retarded punk rawkazzz."
by philphleira nachitaki September 27, 2006
a type of eye makeup favored by scene kids which may sound ridiculous but can be pretty cute when done by the right hands. usually a shimmery yellow, hot pink, and mint green combination.
that rainbow eyeshadow is pretty sexy.
by philphleira nachitaki October 07, 2006
these cute gel bracelets sold at places like walmart, claires, spencer's, kmart, wherever. theyre of many colors, and some have glitter in them. i think of them simply as accessories, but lots of punk rawkazz (click on that to see what i mean) turn it into the "sex bracelets" so people will think they actually do those things, when in all actuality, they're, well, hopeless punk rawkazzz. i want to wear my neon pinks without guys thinking i want to make out with them.
GAW!!! those dang punk rawkazzz are turning my jelly bracelets AROUND!!!!
by philphleira nachitaki September 29, 2006
credit you get for doing certain scene things like or envolving:
-saying 'rawr' a whole lot
-having choppy clone hair
-being "in love"
-fingerless gloves
-myspace profiles tellin how cool you are ***cough*insecurity*cough***
rawr! lyke omgzzz i get a jillion scene points for this dinosaur tee!
by philphleira nachitaki October 05, 2006
around where we live, scene kids are usually short- to- medium height and very skinny, with the occasional porker, who unfortunately, tries to fit into the same size clothes. they usually have long or shoulder-length spiky hair dyed black, with caramel-looking patches. the girls seem to love the miniskirts & leggings trend. despite their somewhat-appealing exterior, they're very narcissistic and only care about themselves and other people scene enough for them. all non-scene kids secretly hate them.
riding the bus with the scene kids became a very depressing thing for young nikki.
by philphleira nachitaki September 29, 2006
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