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Watching an entire season of a TV series in a short period of time, especially if you are watching it in one sitting.
Hey, I can't come out tonight. I just got the last season of Lost on DVD, and I'm marathoning it right now. I can't put it down.
by Philosophistry February 15, 2009
Someone who was raised with religion but later abandoned the practice.
"Are you an atheist?" "Nah, but I was raised a Catholic. I stopped practicing years ago. I guess you could call me an extheist."
by Philosophistry February 25, 2009
A male preening gesture, whereby a man wearing a suit extends both his arms rapidly outwards (i.e. shoot), so that his dress shirt sleeves extend nicely beyond his suit sleeves.
Ready for the big dance? You look good in that suit. Shoot your cuffs for me. There, much better.
by Philosophistry March 01, 2009
to watch an entire season of a TV series in a short period of time, especially if you watch them in one sitting.
I just got the last season of Lost on DVD, and I had to marathon it last weekend. I couldn't put it down.
by Philosophistry January 31, 2009
A boyfriend who is just there to satisfy the need for having a boyfriend.

i.e. someone who is fulfilling short-term needs in your life, but for whom you don't see a long-term purpose.
Eh, he's just a placeholder boyfriend in my life. I hate sleeping alone.


I don't get fazed when I'm into a girl who has a boyfriend. I always just assume that he's a placeholder boyfriend, and that she'll dump him once she finds someone real.
by Philosophistry April 05, 2009
Going back to a photograph and photoshopping in a token minority.
This corporate report is a blatant example of retro-tokenism. See that black man there, clearly he was inserted into the picture after the fact for political correctness.
by Philosophistry April 03, 2009
The part after a movie's over when you read its wikipedia entry to look up random trivia or plot details you might have missed.
ex1: Man, the wikinoument for Eraserhead was amazing. I had no idea that George Lucas asked David Lynch to direct the first Star Wars.

ex2: I don't feel fully satisfied with a movie until the wikinoument. That's when I find relevant backstory or interesting things that happened in pre-production.
by Philosophistry December 07, 2009

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