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Military term used to describe the act of taking an IV bag and hooking it up to a tube. That tube is then inserted into the service members anus and then pressure is exerted on the IV bag with a foot forcing contents into the small intestine where it is quickly absorbed. Used to hydrate a service member in dire need.
Did you hear smith get a British gas pedal?

Yeah maybe that retard will start hydrating from now on.
by philobeddoe May 25, 2011
A game played by mostly young adult males in which before proceeding to the bar a wager of money by all participants are put into a "pot". The person to take home the most obese female and have sexual relations with said female wins all the money in the "pot"
Hey Jack wanna go pigging tonight?

Jack: No man if I bang one more fat chick I'm gonna need a shrink!
by philobeddoe May 14, 2011

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