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(noun) slang, off-color language of a man's seminal fluid, i.e. the substance a man ejaculates when he does.
Remember that girl I left the bar with last night? I left manplaster all over her ass then shoved her out the door naked!
by phillydrifter July 27, 2011
n. a pork wagon (or pork-mobile) is a police squad car, paddy wagon, or other clearly labeled law enforcement vehicle. Also known as 5-0 five oh
Went to Slevs for smokes and saw a pork wagon in the parking lot, but I didn't see any pigs inside.
by phillydrifter April 17, 2011
to say that something is delicious in an internet-savvy way; attributed to 'om nom nom' kittens eating.
Regular popping corn, 62¢/lb, every kernel pops, spiced with McCormick's Montreal steak seasoning, is omnomlicious
by phillydrifter August 29, 2009
(noun) the carriage a man carries 'himself' in, a.k.a. where he carries his manhood, a.k.a. his scrotum, testicles, groin, these are all synonyms of mancarriage

(this is not a play on miscarriages, which are serious business and more common than most think; approximately 1 in 6 babies are miscarried long before the mother is even aware (the following month) when the fertilized egg is washed out of the vagina instead of attaching itself to the uteran wall, being fertilized shortly before her next period.)
Oh my god!" "What happened?" "She kicked him in the/his mancarriage and he dropped like a stone." "She kicked his mancarriage!" "I played catcher in IFA sports in college and took one to my mancarriage once... Took me a good 10 or 15 minutes to walk it off."
by phillydrifter August 11, 2011
(verb) goes-<b>in</b>-tite: mock translation of German phase habitually repeated after someone sneezes.
SexyHottie694u: Oh gosh, I just sneezed
StudMale4u2nite: goesintight
StudMale4u2nite: i don't know how to spell it in german, it means 'god bless you' or something like that
SexyHottie694u: oh you are so sweet, thank you, lets make babies
by Phillydrifter December 12, 2007
(verb) (cop-E-pAst) the act of manually copying and pasting a URL from a site such as Myspace into a new browser pane because you can't be sure if they've disallowed the intermediary link they not clip onto every URL added.
Myspace disclaimer: you will have to copypaste all the urls I give you because Myspace has flagged me as a terrorist and breaks any linkage i provide.
by phillydrifter March 11, 2009
(n.) slang of 'gastric bypass surgery' all too commonly seen now in today's headlines. Al Roker of the Today Show and former Arkansas governor and devoutly religious nut Mike Huckabee both had surgery to remove a section of their stomachs and staple the rest shut.

For people who want their quick fix without actually earning the body they want to live in for the rest of their lives.
Huckabee can walk upright again now thanks to his gastric fat-ass surgery back around 2000.

I couldn't even tell Roker had gastric fat-ass surgery, I never saw him before.

I may be overweight but there's non way i'd consider gastric fat-ass surgery, I'll work it off the old-fashioned way.
by phillydrifter March 26, 2011

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