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men: The subtle yet indescribably painful displeasure you feel in your genitals just after you've ejaculated and withdrawal your unit from whatever it was you had sex with. Tends to lessen if you 'wait inside' a few moments, but you'll always feel it.
For every man's orgasm, there is the inevitable painful ungasm.
by Phillydrifter December 05, 2008
player dna; what makes a character a character in an MMORPG/mud/mush/etc.
P1: How do you cast purple fireballs?

P2: it's in my pna.
by phillydrifter June 12, 2006
n. a magazine or tabloid catering to whatever is raging in the female world; cover pics of beautifully photoshopped faces with a smatter of ATTENTION-GRABBING headlines. Distraction material, possible fap material as a last resort come judgment day.
I love technology because I was able to snap a 50-word female masturbation story out of a hagrag a.k.a. hag rag while waiting in line at the food store last week. SCORE
by phillydrifter October 18, 2011
To look over one's budget or financial position.
Wanna get a pizza?
Lemme cut the numbers real fast, I got no cash on me.

Honey, take me shopping for Valentine's day.
Ok sweetheart. Let me cut some numbers, you can go grab your coat, we can leave in five.
(woman takes one hour to 'get ready', guy browses pr0n online.)
by phillydrifter February 14, 2011
(<b>fap•</b>it) n. habit of fapping.
I'm in the fapit of beating off at least twice a day to keep my prostate healthy.
by Phillydrifter March 04, 2009
(abstract noun) getting into an argument with at least one other person online at the notorious www.fark.com; reloading the page/making multiple comments so you an another farker can argue about some topic
"Billy, take out the trash, this is the last time I'll tell you!"

"Sorry, mom, I'm in the middle of a farkument!"
by phillydrifter December 09, 2007
Someone who believes ancient scriptures from primitive peoples -- not so primitive however that they had developed basic human evolutionary tendencies such as a desiring and eventually developing systems -- i.e. written language, starting with paintings on cave walls -- over what we have now learned is possible due to scientific thought, a latter progression of evolution; in short, a religitard, a devoutly faithful FOLLOWER; granted, fear of anyone referred to as a 'god' can be a frightening experience
Can you believe NASA sent Curiosity, the newest, most advanced, up-to-date mechanical lab all the way to Mars, and it successfully overcame every obstacle in its path! Think of all things we could discover that we weren't already aware of yet!

"Jebus christ was gods only son -- himself -- tri-angulated against another part of himself -- a 'holy spirit' if you will -- to punish himself for punishing himself and when we die he will punish us by granting us eternal life forever -- in the firey pits of hell if we think for ourselves."

"oh look, a reality denialist."
by phillydrifter August 10, 2012

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