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yeeda is an ol' yiddish word for pre-cum
Herschel was schvitzen with his yeeda everywhere
by philly mcbluntz March 24, 2008
A gaguor is an angry german man that likes to get together with his old college buddies and perform bukake on midgets
Q: Hey, you hear what Hanz did this weekend?
A: yeh, what a gaguor, i feel bad for that midget
by philly mcbluntz March 24, 2008
1. The area in between the fupa and the vagina

2. Is an extremely engorged vagina
Damn, look at those meat curtains, that is one serious bovaj.

When I lifted up the fupa, I saw the nicest bovaj known to man.
by philly mcbluntz March 24, 2008
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