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any person that feeds off of skateboarding culture for social status or sees a relation between how cool someone looks and, how good they skate. these people mostly shop at Journey's Pacsun and Tilly's posers usually wear merchandise from Etnies, DC, Nike 6.0, Element and some vans. the typical poser, when confronted with the oppurtunity to ride a skateboard, switches out their dirtiest shoes so the others dont get dirty. If you suck at skating or havent skated in a while, your not a poser as long as you enjoy the activity and its culture unlike posers who disrespect skateboarding and see as a style and not a way of life
Skate Poser walks into a skate shop, Poser: do you guys sell DC shoes. Skater: no way we have fallens Poser: never mind those are ugly.
by phil mai kracken June 02, 2010
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