15 definitions by phil k

1/ not to be confused with "twain towers", a research institute dedicated to the study of the life and times of Huckleberry Finn

2/ Also not to be confused with the string superstore located in new hampshire see Twine Towers

3/ Not to be confused with the second Lord of the Rings movie see overhyped shit

4/ Formerly the worlds tallest building, now renowned as being the most expensive hole in the ground ever created.

5/ an example of how NOT to land an aircraft (unless you hate americans) see rest of the world
"aim for the one on the left mohammed, don't worry if you miss, there are two of them"

"excuse me sir, do you have a copy of Microsoft flight simulator with the Twin towers in, dont worry about the landing, i just need to know how to take off."

"excuse me maam, do you know the way to Twine towers? I need a new shoelace. for my shoe-bomb"
by Phil k May 03, 2005

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