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It's not really a ghetto word for brought, just an example of bad grammar.
Sherman: I brung my homework to class.

Ms. Glasset: Since this is Language Arts, I can only assume that you're going to get an 'F' on it.
by Phil Errup October 14, 2004
Area of expertise; a person's greatest strength.
My forté is painting, Mbecause paintings are very good.
by Phil Errup October 13, 2004
The structure enclosing a toilet in a public restroom. There is no stall surrounding a urinal.
Hide in the stall! The Dos Amigos are coming!
by Phil Errup October 19, 2004
Famous '80s sitcom starring Gary Coleman as Arnold and some other guy as Willis. All of its three former stars (save for the guy who played Mr. Drummond) have been involved in some controversy: Gary Coleman punched some woman in a parking lot, and Willis became addicted to drugs, but overcame his addiction. Dana Plato, however, succumbed to her addiction.
Deiff'rent Strokes isn't on much anymore.
by Phil Errup October 19, 2004
A story passed down through the generations by word of mouth, often involving a tall tale. These often involve haunted houses, apartment complexes, and ridiculous creatures (i.e. sewer gators) in the city.
The haunted room in the apartment on 35th is an urban legend.
by Phil Errup October 19, 2004
1) To quit working while financially fit. Retirees usually receive pension.

2) To put out (baseball).

3) To go to bed (outdated).
1) He retired from work at age 67.

2) Durazo was retired on a pop-up to Spiezio.

3) It's getting late, so I'm going to retire.
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
To baffle. Used in a 'human vs. human' mental standoff. Inanimate objects and abstract concepts cannot flamboozle someone. I don't think animals can be flamboozled, either. However, they may possess the ability to flamboozle.
Willie flamboozled the thieves that were chasing him by hiding in a dumpster but leaving a trail of footprints leading into an adjacent apartment.
by Phil Errup October 20, 2004
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