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The desperate and final wimperings of an exboyfriend/exgirlfriend gasping and pleading for one last chance in the relationship. This almost always occurs 2 or 3 weeks after you have already checked out of the relationship and most often gurgled after 2 am.

Often times the "Death Gurgler" will include an acknowledgment that there may not be a response (and that's ok), in an attempt to save face, thereby making themselves look more pathetic.

The "gurgle" is never done face to face, always via text/email/voice mail.
For example, the following could be a late night Death Gurgle email:

HI!! Dont really know what to say... :/ ahhh.. listen... i know you probly already have a BF but it would be nice to maybe take you to lunch or something.... i want to talk to you...im not trying to get back together soo dont trip!! Its just you cross my mind often and a little piece of me falls apart.. it hurts i wont lie!! i hope everything in your new world is the way you want it!!! your a great chic and deserve it... eitherway if you contact me or not i understand. i know you hate me!!! I'm sorry that i fell apart on you/us! Please take care of yourself.... :)
by phattim August 27, 2009
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