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This genre is a variety of breakbeat usually featuring psychedelic atmospheres and female vocalists singing in a rock-influenced style.
DJ Vadim, Shine, Neo Treo etc all people associated to Trip Hip
by phatcatslimm September 11, 2004
A kilo of weed
izzle being weed kizzle being for kilo.
Boo: Yo' coming the partizzle tonizzle?
Dave: Not shizzle my dizzle.
Boo: Come on, I got an izzle kizzle, it'll be off da hizzle!
by phatcatslimm March 12, 2004
Feeling usual associated with loss of something e.g. 'movie ticket, etc'.
Feeling grows more intense closer to need of said item.
Boo- Lets go get our theatre seats.
Dave- Shit dude, I got 'the fear', I swear l put the ticket right in this pocket.
by phatcatslimm March 06, 2004

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