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3 definitions by phatcatslimm

This genre is a variety of breakbeat usually featuring psychedelic atmospheres and female vocalists singing in a rock-influenced style.
DJ Vadim, Shine, Neo Treo etc all people associated to Trip Hip
by phatcatslimm September 11, 2004
96 37
A kilo of weed
izzle being weed kizzle being for kilo.
Boo: Yo' coming the partizzle tonizzle?
Dave: Not shizzle my dizzle.
Boo: Come on, I got an izzle kizzle, it'll be off da hizzle!
by phatcatslimm March 12, 2004
8 20
Feeling usual associated with loss of something e.g. 'movie ticket, etc'.
Feeling grows more intense closer to need of said item.
Boo- Lets go get our theatre seats.
Dave- Shit dude, I got 'the fear', I swear l put the ticket right in this pocket.
by phatcatslimm March 06, 2004
82 153