3 definitions by phatboy

A result of too much oestrogen in the drinking water is the development of 'man boobs' or man breasts.
Look at the man boobs on that guy.
by phatboy November 02, 2003
1.Lil Jon - He is the king of crunk.
2.The Night of 48 Beers.
1. Man he makes the crunkest beats I've ever heard.

2. Hey Ant I can't hardly see man...but uhh which way should we go.<Ant> Fuck man I don't know. Bus a left....
by Phatboy November 21, 2003
1.one who buys skimpy sacs.
2.one who bets on madden and loses more than $100 in one night and come back to bet and lose day after day.
3.On an onside kick the block time on the field for the defense.
Wow, Ridnher you sure are a guppie, and ya got ya some guppies out there on the field.
by Phatboy November 21, 2003

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