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the exposure of a single foot in the attempt to precisely control one's body temperature while bundled in ample covers.

Often involves frantic flailing after awakening overheated. The foot is then returned under the covers after the appropriate temperature is achieved.
"I can't sleep in a sleeping bag because my thermostat foot needs to be able to get out"
by pharmgrl2001 December 06, 2009
- when something in the pirate community is awesome
- approved by pirates as awesome
"That new cutlass you have is AWESOME. "
"No,mate, it 's Arrr-some"
by pharmgrl2001 December 14, 2014
the random pieces of costumes or excess materials from making costumes found strewn about a living space once a big event that involves multiple costume changes and/or consecutive late nights out, such as Fantasy Fest week, is over. Usually includes masks, tutus, foam or stuffing, scraps of fabric, tests of painting techniques, wigs, and glitter. Also, when arriving home after a long night, a costume may be rapidly "dropped" giving the "Wicked Witch of the West melting effect".
After a week of partying, it was time to clean up the costume shrapnel of tutus, hula skirts,masks, and glitter to get ready for the holidays.

Fantasy Fest was fun, but the family is coming for Thanksgiving in a week. Time to clean up the costume shrapnel so they won't find out about THAT outfit!
by pharmgrl2001 November 02, 2012
the dewy film that develops on a drag queen under the hot lights and hard work of performance. Usually a mixture of make-up, sweat, and hairspray.
Sean: (after putting a dollar in drag queen's cleavage): "I think I got drag queen on me..."

Rachel: "No, you got drag sheen on you."
by pharmgrl2001 December 02, 2010
The empowered walk from a blissful sexual encounter to home. For those less experienced and impressionable, this might be called the walk of shame. For those of us more mature and confident, we've renamed it to reflect our new attitude.
Txt from visiting friend: Ok, I'm headed home now. What a crazy night! Time for the walk of shame.

Reply txt: Whatever, girl! Sounds like you get the strut of satisfaction!
by pharmgrl2001 April 17, 2010
what most people truly do when they say they are multi-tasking. Mentally setting up a list of tasks to do in rapid sucession to get a multitude of tasks done in a short period of time.
"Oh my gosh, I've got to address this envelope, put the clothes in the dryer, check on the spaghetti cooking, and make sure to TiVo my shows."

"Better start mini-tasking."
by pharmgrl2001 February 21, 2010

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