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GAF is an acronym for Give a Fuck. Hence, a low GAF level indicates that the bearer feels answerable to very few. A high GAF level would mean that said person would be intimidated by an outside source and would try to exhibit more responsible behavior, language, etc.
A: I couldn't believe the things you were saying at last night's party.

B: Yeah, well, these days my GAF level is pretty low. I look forward to the day when it will be zero.
by pfon January 26, 2012
What one does after being told numerous times that the attachment you sent will no open.
you: i sent this dufus a copy of my application 5 times and he still can't open it.

me: why don't you just cope and paste it?
by pfon June 17, 2010
A meal prepared in such a way that its presentation and/or appearance will generate its own conversation, thereby eliminating awkward communication among incompatible guests.
Imma fix a series of buffer food courses for tomorrow night's dinner party, and hoping like hell that people will focus on the food instead of pushing each other's buttons.
by pfon November 25, 2012
thick, disgusting, untrimmed hair sticking out of guys' noses. most often seen in older dudes, or geezers.
Gary wanted his barber to trim the hairs sticking out of his nose, but the barber said, "No, I don't do nasal pubes."
by pfon January 09, 2011
living the good life
TEXT: ima goin to paris 4 NYE (New Year's Eve)

by pfon December 23, 2010

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