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Any wide body body vehicle,preferably a black Ford truck.On a narrow winding road that is infested with inconsiderate spandex wearing death seeking cyclists.
1. Get Back in the bike lane! Here comes the scourgenator!

2.Wow!!! There are too many cyclists riding 3 abreast Thank god! I am driving the scourgenator.

3. Scourgenator = Guardian angles of the marin county back roads. Go Curtis Sliwa!
by Pfc. Snowball August 28, 2008
adj. Being distracted from any regular routine by a man's dick, either by accident or he might just be showing off.
1. As my hubby descended the stairs with a grande boner which he proudly stuck in my face as I ascended, I was incredibly dickstracted and almost fell down the stairs.

2. My first dickstraction was at a nude beach. I was 12, saw a boner and almost fell in a hole.
by pfc. Snowball December 26, 2008
Somalian pirates
Cruising the Golf of Arde, the lookout spotted a fast-moving skiff approaching the ship. "Holy shit! Here come the Sea Niggers!!!," he yelled.
by pfc. Snowball April 13, 2009
Testicular Sympathetic Pain Disorder -- when your significant other asks you to get a vasectomy because "it's simple," and then you suffer from blue balls for 6 months, she finally feals a pang of sympathy thereby suffering from TSPD
My bitch wife made me get a vasectomy, and things went wrong, at least she also suffered TSPD
by pfc. Snowball December 10, 2008
Any large blood clot that accompanies a heavy menstrual cycle
The girls were drunk and ready for action in Brokeback Valley, but when Tia went down on Lucinda, Tia repelled in horror exclaiming, "I'm sorry, I'm drunk and all and I'd love to lick that cuye, but there's not a chance in hell that I can munch past that twat clot even though we're lick-a-likes!"
by Pfc. Snowball September 09, 2008
When you have to deal with a marathon of cunty women alone or in a group.
1. Dealing with my husbands ex-wife is always a cuntathon.
by pfc. Snowball March 25, 2009
Disappointment when you finally see a man's dick.
When the British guy dropped his pants, I was dicksappointed to see a pinky-sized dick. I laughed and told him to leave.
by pfc. Snowball March 01, 2009

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