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Something Jessi Slaughter will give you when she pops a glock in your mouth!
Jessi: You haters needa stop hatin', i'm better than u, like if u guys can't realize that then you know what, i'll pop a glock in ur mouth and make a brain slushie!

Viewer: ... dis bitch is trollin.
by pezz123 July 20, 2010
1. Like approval or like saying thats wassup

2. Can literally mean: "I don't know." But mostly it is def #1.
1. Amber: Hey Shiela like my new kicks?

Shiela: Dunkno!

2. Billy: Hey bro you coming to the jam tonight?

Bro: Dunkno.
by Pezz123 November 09, 2009
The bitchiest thing you can say. Used when you're mad or annoyed at someone.
Jessi: ZOMG liek heyy!!1! Long tiime no talk!

Sarah: Hi.
by pezz123 September 03, 2010
An imaginary card game created by Alex Day. He tries to fool people into thinking that it's real.
Alex Day: Charlie, want to play some Sopio with me?
Charlie: Alex, I already told you, Sopio isn't real!
Alex Day: YES IT IS!!! *frustration*
by pezz123 January 15, 2011
What attention seeking teenage girls write on their photo captions online, it's kind of like reverse psychology. They really WANT people to comment.
Jen: Dont tell me not to comment! This pic is hawt!
Sydney: Aww thanks :$
by pezz123 January 15, 2010

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