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To plagiarize or steal others work without attribution.

To claim that using others work without attribution is acceptable behavior.

To blame others when you get caught cut and pasting others work and claiming it as your own.
The student procrastinated on his final paper so he Rand-Paulized work from Wikipedia.

The Senator Rand-Paulized large portions of his speech.
by petiole November 05, 2013
A ruse used to distract the public when your "facts" don't support your argument. Often used by public servants who only work 78 days a year.

An obstruction tactic used by regressives to avoid doing real work. A way for the opposition party to divert attention from obstructionism and a failed legislative record.
(adj.) The Congressman's IRS investigation was going nowhere so he needed a Benghazi style distraction.
(Verb) The Politician decided to Benghazi his opponent because he was losing the debate.
(Noun) Benghazi: translation-"I got nothing"
by petiole August 20, 2013
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