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1. a merger of the words "homage" and "awesomeness"

2. when something has so many homages in it that there's no way you can't appreciate its awesomeness.
1. i wish "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N IT!!!1" was longer.. sometimes i wish that after the song ends that another song starts playing and i can kill more homage awesomeness.. or homagesomeness.

2. did you see that episode of "the venture bros." the other night? that was pure homagesomeness.
#homagesomeness #homage #awesome #awesomeness #zombies
by peteverona March 02, 2010
1) When someone fails completely in any activity. Usually involving an event that takes time to build up. i.e., a project at work, school, or social life.

2) When someone passes out violently due to being highly intoxicated.

Note: This term is usually used in its past tense form, "jenga'd," except for the exact moment when the failure occurs at which point anyone witness to the event may say, "jenga."

Used in place of a sarcastic slow clap.
1) He tried to score with this chick, but he fucking jenga'd that shit.

2) He was so fucking trashed, he jenga'd on the dance floor.
#jenga #jenga'd #fail #violent #pass out
by peteverona November 14, 2009
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