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3 definitions by peteski10

A person who has nothing on their mind except working on roofs.
That guy across the street is crazy, he has been banging on his roof all morning. He is definitely shingle-minded.
by peteski10 January 10, 2010
27 1
A term used to describe a droid phone that has been broken, damaged or dare i say destroyed.
Oh my God look at this mangled droid phone. Dude it is completely desdroid.
by peteski10 May 16, 2010
14 4
The act of completely ignoring someone in order to watch a nickelodeon program.
Man 1: I was wondering if you could take out the trash.

Boy 2: Shhh!!! Spongebob is on, you are now nick-tuned out.
by peteski10 July 22, 2010
6 1