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Sometimes happens, due to pressure changes in the vagina particularly during the orgasm. //Expulsion of air after or during sexual intercourse.
by Peterson April 18, 2003
A place which a crew frequents to log in time chilling. Often secluded in a forest or otherwise natural environment.
"Yo Ffej I'll meet you at the spot."
by Peterson September 07, 2004
Used to describe masturbation or having sex with a obsese female.
"Kanele slammed the ham at least 15 times throughout the course of the weekend."
"Dude although she is a 400 lb bitch, you should just slam that ham and get out!"
by Peterson September 07, 2004
A common program written to demostrate the syntax of a programming language.
// Hello World In Java!
class HelloWorld()
public static void main(String args)
System.out.println("Hello world");
by peterson June 18, 2004
Used as an adjective to describe someone in a sour or baby-like state.
Created by Brett Dejeuner of Scarboro.
"Yo, Ffejman has been dipes since Kristina left him."
"The weather is causing me to feel dipey today."
by Peterson September 07, 2004
A term used by 31337 h4x0rs (elite hackers) to describe a computer.
"Korbin & Ruiner owned all the b0xes on Joseph Brant's network".
by Peterson September 07, 2004
Person who drives other people's cars, particularly their father's car.
Stop being a Linford and get your own car!
by Peterson August 28, 2003

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