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A fucking retard or dickhead or just an idiot
if some ones being a idiot you say "you fuck nob"
by pet pet April 25, 2008
people that go into a house of a guy thats growing weed and steals his weed.
Those fucking weed snagers have done it again
by pet pet April 25, 2008
another name for a red head

This name was made coz when i was in italy a crazy man called my bro a red goat.
coz my bro was chewing green chewy lol so he looked like he was chewing grass. hahaha
Crazy man" what are u looking at ya red goat"
by pet pet April 25, 2008
hero used to be some one who risks there life for aother people and still is uses like this but now days a hero can also be a guy who thinks hes better than other people ...or a person that thinks hes a real hero(as i said before ) but is rally just a wanker(dickhead)
or a bragger
Yester day i fuck this hot as chick.
stop lieing u hero
by pet pet April 25, 2008
a guy from Australia
(ausies are the sickest cunts in the world)
"whats that guy smoking"
"Dont worry hes just an ausie there all crazy
by pet pet April 25, 2008

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