79 definitions by person yo-yo

the greatest magic card in the world.
i play verdant force.
you die!!!
by person yo-yo April 19, 2003
A Troutkin is part trout, part pumpkin.
Mortal enemy of the Asperring.
Very tasty.

See also: Asperring, Kiwatfish, Avacalmon.
At our annual B.B.Q., we had roasted troutkin, and troutkin pie!
by person yo-yo April 30, 2004
The thing I salute every day.
The Strong badia flag is cool.
by person yo-yo September 22, 2003
Another word for food.
Let's have some eat-ems.
by person yo-yo September 12, 2003
Homestar's girlfreind.
Looks kinda like a bell.
Has no arms.
Marzipan is a bell.
by person yo-yo September 12, 2003
see:"the hobo walks at midnight".
by person yo-yo June 27, 2003
that shit has so much fucking caffine in
i drank some of that jolt shit, and i
was fucking high on caffine.
by person yo-yo April 16, 2003

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