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The guy from "The Simpsons" who sells
comic books at his store, "the android's dungeon". Overweight and
unmarried, he spends most of his free time eating and looking up porn.
His real name is a mystery.
"There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling"
-Comic Book Guy
by person yo-yo December 22, 2003
A store that has a big seletion of computer and video games.
Would be a great store, but thier prices are to friggin' high.
I went to electronics boutique today
and saw a used PS1 game for $67.99(canadian).
by person yo-yo September 06, 2003
Captain:"Hoist the sails!".
Some other guy:"Yarr!".
by person yo-yo July 31, 2003
Don't Mess Yourself.
Calm Down, yo!
by person yo-yo September 25, 2003
One of the best reasons to buuy FF VII,
Materia can be placed in the slots in
your weapons and armour.
There are five types of Materia:
Magic, Command, Independant, Support,
and Summon. Materia is made of
crystalized Mako energy.
Materia is the shiznit!
by person yo-yo August 29, 2003
Raised by a cup of cofee, the pride
of the peaches, "crying on the inside",
captain of the gravy train.
Homsar kicks ass.

by person yo-yo October 07, 2003

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