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A really cool chick that likes to play video games and is cool to chill with.
Person 1: Hey do you wanna play Tekken with me Asilla?
Asilla: Nah dood, time to play Soul Caliber2 at Einsteins.
Person 1: Damn you're cool.
by Person 1 May 29, 2003
has a confused sexuallity may deny both attraction to an adele(see definition) and another "boy" a bit of a freak may run a business both legal or not. will over use many phrases beyond belief. may look childish but is actually not and may act childish but this is just a disguise to confuse and bewilder you
may be found on the trail of a more confident freak/ computer geek.
by person 1 March 17, 2005
Completely up himself. Thinks loads of people liek him. Fancies helena, but she really hates him. Knifes stuff, stares at people he likes, can be considered creepy.
'Whos that whos staring at you from 3 inches?' - Oh thats Kirk
by Person 1 April 30, 2005
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