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43 definitions by person

Its a term that means to 'jack off' or to masturbate.
"hey Joey" "hi" "last night Tina sanded my bat for me." "TINA'S MY GIRL FRIEND YOU BASTARD!"
by Person March 15, 2005
1. n. A person with uncontrollable bodily impulses, such as excessive blinking, farting, or belching.

2. n. An anime nerd

3. n. A dork, or a square.

4. v. A negative action of any sort.
1. "That guy is such a frickin pat"

4. "I just took the biggest frickin pat you ever seen."
by Person December 20, 2004
A raptor character, of bright, blinding colors, who scares every potential mate away by trying to court them. Flails alot, acting like a chick.

Friend to: Pyridoxine, Razil, Bio Storm, Ashowan, Kanowyn
"Dude, did Pinx just paint the face of that sleeping Tyrannosaur?"

"She did."
by Person November 08, 2004
One who fails to realize that homosexuals are completely normal and not perverted. Often the type of person to commit hate-crimes against homosexuals, but most often, just someone ignorant.
Person 1: I feel so empowered, I just came out to my parents.
Person 2: You're gay? FAGGOT!
Person 1: Why do you have to be such a fucking homophobe?
by person July 01, 2004
A pathetic website made with an HTML generator.
n00b: OMG U HAV TO C MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by person December 02, 2004
A being of complete randomness, rather uncool and uberugly. Known to harass old people and burst into flame or implode without apparent reason.
Xantara: Your shoe's untied, slut.

Old woman: WTF
by Person November 08, 2004
An imaginary externalisation of human evil used as an excuse for immorality.
<Evil person> The devil made me do it :(
by Person May 18, 2004