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1. v. To expel a silent but decidedly nasty hot fart.
"Oh my god, who BEEFED? That shit REEKS."
by Person December 20, 2004
The best damn video game company ever created!
I someday wish to become a programmer for Retro Studios.
by Person July 31, 2004
The Christian belief that mankind exists in a fallen state, in a fallen world due to sin committed prior to our births into the material world. In the case of Christianity, this sin would be Adam and Eve disobeying God and eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

It is the goal of every human being to learn what is right, become a moral agent and save himself through virtuous action.
We are all born with original sin.
by Person May 21, 2004
The union between two famous people. Known for lasting a very short time.
I read about celebrity marriage every time I pick up a magazine.
by person November 07, 2003
Future Leaders of the World (FLOW)is a cool band with a post-grunge sound to their music. the band includes the members Phil (cool vocals-kinda like kurt cobain's but definitely in more tune haha), Jake (wow u should just see him play the guitar he's so into it), Bill (hershdawg-best bass player i've seen & into the music), and Carl (what can i say, definitely no one else who can keep up w/ the beat!) who are really cool and down to earth be sure to check out their music cuz it's the best thing ever!
FLOW fan:FLOW is the newest and best bad right now and all you haters of the band don't know a thing about grunge
by person March 06, 2005
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